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skull & crossbones

Did you know Saturday was National Talk Like a Pirate Day? Well, I certainly did. Celebrated by going to the local Renaissance Festival during their pirate weekend. I even made this ridiculous get-up just for the occasion. I’ve been wanting to do my own cut-out shirts for awhile now, so I did this one as […]

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stud it up

As an occasional faux rocker wannabe I’m pretty mad for studs. My sister pointed out at some point I could probably just stud things up myself rather than pay a premium for prestudded clothing; I’ve self-studded a couple things already, including a $10 pair of jeans from Taipei, a Blake jacket, and a couple tank […]

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too tired for this nonsense

hairclips & necklace: f21 tshirt: club monaco miniskirt: american apparel tights: uniqlo boots: jeffrey campbell jacket: DIY chain nonsense just a friday night meet the friends at the pub for a brew (pub in question being korean, brew being various flavoured sojus) thrown together kind of thing after an exhausting week. i can’t tell you […]

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