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trendy trendy

Trends. This is basically a fashion buzz-word. Pink is the new black, black is the new white, jodhpurs are in in in, you get the idea. I get a lot of fashion magazines in the mail and enjoyably follow a lot of fashion blogs but I have to say that I’m not really much of […]

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too tired for this nonsense

hairclips & necklace: f21 tshirt: club monaco miniskirt: american apparel tights: uniqlo boots: jeffrey campbell jacket: DIY chain nonsense just a friday night meet the friends at the pub for a brew (pub in question being korean, brew being various flavoured sojus) thrown together kind of thing after an exhausting week. i can’t tell you […]

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meteor showers

There’s a meteor shower going on right now. I am mathematically convinced it’s contributed to what has been a high state of crazy as far as my moods have been. When in doubt, blame anger problems on SPACE. Maybe these delicious new Frye boots knew all of this was coming. First spied this in Anthropologie’s […]

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maybe i’m dreaming

It’s turning out to be one of those work weeks, the ones where you get off work at 9 pm and there are still people at the office making you feel like a total slacker to be leaving as early as 9 pm and all you want to do is get in your car and […]

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shine a little light on me

How many silly faces can I make at the camera? Top | F21 Skirt | Luxluxlux Jacket | Blake + DIY studding Shoes  | Oasis cut-out boots Necklace | F21 Bracelets |  Zipper bangles (one of the zipper pulls fell off during a party…) Bag | Vintage Yet another weekend of fun: flurried happy cooking, […]

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dream shoes, true dream shoes

An ocean of sighs. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, Isabel Marant studded boots. Since I first clapped eyes on you weeks ago I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. But I’d always assumed it was going to be doomed, unrequited love withstanding a sudden whirlwind trip to Paris: Marant goods are notoriously […]

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リラックスするには落ち着く音楽を聞く必要があるかもね?今日のオススメはフランス語好きなmondialitoです。junko(vo)と笛岡俊哉(compose)のボサノバみたいな音楽を聞いてくつろげる I’ve a fatal weakness for the very lovely French language and apparently so does Japanese band mondialito. Composer Toshiya Fueoka met vocalist Junko in 2002 and mondialito was born. Boosting delicate vocals sung entirely in French, the gently acoustic electronica music has a certain special charm to it. Junko now lives in Paris (don’t […]

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kimberly ovitz

Today’s massive fashion designer crush is Kimberly Ovitz. Having done stints at J. Crew, Chanel, Imitation of Christ, Ya Ya Clothing, and Twelth St by Cynthia Vincent, she launched her own line in Spring 2009. And she’s my age…! I’m head over heels for her gorgeously sophisticated, somewhat androgynous minimalist silhouettes. Am also seriously considering […]

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motocross jeans

I’ve got a new rule for jean buying, which is pretty much that I can’t buy any new jeans unless they are somewhat unique (I have the same pair of Uniqlo skinnies in 3 different colours- though can you blame me, they’re as comfortable as leggings… even so, though…). Motocross jeans really fulfill this requirement; […]

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y hello thar topshop aw 2009

Going to be keeping an eye out for a vintage purse, boots, and jacket I can DIY stud up in similar style. There’s something pretty ridiculous about that fluffy leather jacket, but I also kind of love it- a little theatricality to keep you warm when the weather gets cold. Check out the rest of […]

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