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long live AMQ

cried in the bathroom of my office when i found out yesterday morning. never has the death of a celebrity ever affected me this way before. i still feel gutted. no more wild dramatic mcqueen shows to look forward to each season, no mid-day daydreaming of all the pieces i wanted to stockpile in the […]

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complex geometries ss10

PERPETUAL LEISURE from JASON LAST on Vimeo. Can’t wait. Everything looks soft, comfortable, slick simple chic. Sooner or later I need to get my hands on as many Complex Geometries pieces as possible.

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over the rhine

As weather gets colder I tend to curl inward and spend most of my time indoors painting or reading. Fall’s been falling pretty gently here in Northern California and when rain comes down, I get pensive and moody and gravitate towards pensive and moody things. Lately I’ve discovered Ohio’s indie folk married duo Over the […]

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skull & crossbones

Did you know Saturday was National Talk Like a Pirate Day? Well, I certainly did. Celebrated by going to the local Renaissance Festival during their pirate weekend. I even made this ridiculous get-up just for the occasion. I’ve been wanting to do my own cut-out shirts for awhile now, so I did this one as […]

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When I first heard Anna Sui was doing a Target collection inspired by Gossip Girl, believe you me, I couldn’t contain my delight. Anna Sui is pretty popular in Japan and I used to frequent her pretty little jewel box of a store in Harajuku. The clothes were outside of my budget though; all I […]

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最近20世紀少年第2章と第3章の映画を見た。感動した!!!見るだけの価値があると思うよ。幼年時代 の記憶・・・友情・・・家族・・・恋・・・と音楽。やっぱり音楽だね。漫画も好き(複雑っすけどね・・・)。知ってるかな?素敵な「Bob Lennon」と言う曲は浦沢直樹先生を書いた!びっくりした、あたし。才能多いね。それに歌えるように! 浦沢直樹先生バージョン うまいね!!! そして第1章映画のバージョン 第3章映画がクライマックス「ぐたらら~すだらら~」バージョンどこ?感動したあのバージョン・・・

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wedding bell reds

It took me quite some time to find a suitable dress to wear to both weddings I’m going to this year, but when this paprika silk chiffon Vera Wang Lavender Label dress popped up on Rue-La-La I knew I’d found my dress. Red is a lucky colour for weddings in my culture and the dress […]

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memoirs at the end of the world

I’ve fallen for Florida’s luscious little indie pop band The Postmarks. Their newest album, Memoirs at the End of the World, is part Spaghetti Western, part spy intrigue film soundtrack, and all fun. Take a listen for yourself.

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in da garden avida

jacket | french connection dress | vintage sandals | vintage hair clips | f21 I’ve loved this jacket ever since I slipped it onto my shoulders in the French Connection store at Santa Monica Beach. Sure it’s a bit marching band, a bit Micheal Jackson. But it nips nicely at the waist and echoes faintly […]

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stud it up

As an occasional faux rocker wannabe I’m pretty mad for studs. My sister pointed out at some point I could probably just stud things up myself rather than pay a premium for prestudded clothing; I’ve self-studded a couple things already, including a $10 pair of jeans from Taipei, a Blake jacket, and a couple tank […]

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