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skull & crossbones

Did you know Saturday was National Talk Like a Pirate Day? Well, I certainly did. Celebrated by going to the local Renaissance Festival during their pirate weekend. I even made this ridiculous get-up just for the occasion. I’ve been wanting to do my own cut-out shirts for awhile now, so I did this one as […]

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When I first heard Anna Sui was doing a Target collection inspired by Gossip Girl, believe you me, I couldn’t contain my delight. Anna Sui is pretty popular in Japan and I used to frequent her pretty little jewel box of a store in Harajuku. The clothes were outside of my budget though; all I […]

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最近20世紀少年第2章と第3章の映画を見た。感動した!!!見るだけの価値があると思うよ。幼年時代 の記憶・・・友情・・・家族・・・恋・・・と音楽。やっぱり音楽だね。漫画も好き(複雑っすけどね・・・)。知ってるかな?素敵な「Bob Lennon」と言う曲は浦沢直樹先生を書いた!びっくりした、あたし。才能多いね。それに歌えるように! 浦沢直樹先生バージョン うまいね!!! そして第1章映画のバージョン 第3章映画がクライマックス「ぐたらら~すだらら~」バージョンどこ?感動したあのバージョン・・・

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