wedding bell reds

wedding2 It took me quite some time to find a suitable dress to wear to both weddings I’m going to this year, but when this paprika silk chiffon Vera Wang Lavender Label dress popped up on Rue-La-La I knew I’d found my dress. Red is a lucky colour for weddings in my culture and the dress is staggeringly comfortable- soft and wearable, and the ribbon that cinches below the chest is elastic (I’m a bit obsessed with it, to tell the truth; going to be using it to cinch up all sorts of tunic-y things I have lying around in my wardrobe). I should have gotten some pictures of this dress in motion because that’s where the true beauty lies; the ruffly bits in front and back are separate and when you move or dance or the wind picks them up they move around sort of dreamily. I have no idea why I look so pissed in the first picture. Maybe because the wedding was an outdoor ceremony in 100 degree heat. Still though, a delightful wedding and reception.

love, wen

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