stud it up

As an occasional faux rocker wannabe I’m pretty mad for studs. My sister pointed out at some point I could probably just stud things up myself rather than pay a premium for prestudded clothing; I’ve self-studded a couple things already, including a $10 pair of jeans from Taipei, a Blake jacket, and a couple tank tops. There are several ways you can go about it: the more delicate “iron-on” studs and real, MANLY studs. Ok, maybe I don’t mean MANLY, but it takes a butter knife, some effort, and usually a bruised finger or two to bend the spikes back on those things.

I’ve been wanting to stud up a small black leather purse for awhile and got my chance after finally finding a suitable one at Wasteland in Haight Ashbery last weekend!



It took about two movies worth (The Truth about Cats and Dogs, Temple of Doom- don’t ask, I know they’re about as different from each other as 2 movies can be) to stud the whole thing. You need to cut slits for the two spikes on each stud; I used a smaller specialty Xacto blade. My studding skills are still a bit shaky, so the studding job is a bit uneven. I’m hoping it gives off a “quirky bohemian rock” vibe rather than an “amateurishly studded” vibe. I still need to sew or fabric glue a lining on the inside to protect the contents of whatever I may be carrying from the spikes I had trouble pushing down entirely, but I’m looking forward to using this whenever it’s ready to hit the streets!

love, wen

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