meteor showers

There’s a meteor shower going on right now. I am mathematically convinced it’s contributed to what has been a high state of crazy as far as my moods have been. When in doubt, blame anger problems on SPACE. Maybe these delicious new Frye boots knew all of this was coming.



First spied this in Anthropologie’s latest catalogue when it found its way to my mailbox and was surprised at how floored I was. I used to be a full-on Anthropologie girl back when I was an overly young schoolteacher, and then a naive gallerina. I would literally walk from my job as an art gallery director down to the metro everyday to go home and pass Anthropologie on the way and duck in EVERY day to see what had been added to the mark-downs section. Since then my style (..and.. well.. personality maybe but let’s not go into that today) has shifted from sweet soft ruffled poet to bitchy existential rocker-wannabe, so I’m more TopShop/Preen/Burberry Prosum/vintage than I am Anthro these days. However, was totally blown away by the scattering of tiny studs all the way down the back of these beautifully structured boots. I am however not as enraptured with the $428 price tag, so I’m going to keep a look out for a good pair of vintage boots to self stud. Sometimes a girl needs to bring the meteor shower with her.

love, wen

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  1. Posted August 13, 2009 at 12:17 am | Permalink

    ok i admit the little studs all over the back like stars are really cute and i’m not even a studs kind of person . WAIT DONT LAUGH i realize how wrong that sounded

    i prefer my boots all soft shiny leather and skinny heels though, so my $428 is safe for now /RELIEF

    have a good weekend <3 i hope space behaves itself for you!! (it had better)

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