maybe i’m dreaming

It’s turning out to be one of those work weeks, the ones where you get off work at 9 pm and there are still people at the office making you feel like a total slacker to be leaving as early as 9 pm and all you want to do is get in your car and drive, just drive, keep driving, don’t stop driving. I’ve been listening to music geared to keeping me sane, and Owl City’s romantic, delicately tempered Postal Service-esque electronica has been doing a pretty good job of keeping my head above the water. My favourite line of this song: To my motion fatigue- farewell

In other news, I’ve been slogging through the absolute hell that is finding a good dress to wear to a couple upcoming weddings. I really don’t wear dresses that often and the ones I have tend to be casual or a bit sporty or frankly kind of weird so I’m bamboozled when it comes to proper event dressing. Too many factors: price range, appropriateness (nothing I wouldn’t be afraid to wear in front of a friend’s grandmother), colour, cut, whether it can transition from day to night, nothing bridesmaidy, nothing that could detract attention from the bride, nothing too boring, something that still has enough of your own style in it, uuugh. So far the search has yielded a lot of near hits but mostly misses; I’m being very picky and  horribly stubborn in my thinking that if I’ve been invited to share a friend’s special day I should at least look nice (…but not TOO nice… you get the point…) Aaaaaaghhhh…. is it the weekend yet? City fun, volunteering with disabled kids, kites, and a bento picnic await me…

love, wen

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