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wedding bell reds

It took me quite some time to find a suitable dress to wear to both weddings I’m going to this year, but when this paprika silk chiffon Vera Wang Lavender Label dress popped up on Rue-La-La I knew I’d found my dress. Red is a lucky colour for weddings in my culture and the dress […]

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memoirs at the end of the world

I’ve fallen for Florida’s luscious little indie pop band The Postmarks. Their newest album, Memoirs at the End of the World, is part Spaghetti Western, part spy intrigue film soundtrack, and all fun. Take a listen for yourself.

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in da garden avida

jacket | french connection dress | vintage sandals | vintage hair clips | f21 I’ve loved this jacket ever since I slipped it onto my shoulders in the French Connection store at Santa Monica Beach. Sure it’s a bit marching band, a bit Micheal Jackson. But it nips nicely at the waist and echoes faintly […]

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stud it up

As an occasional faux rocker wannabe I’m pretty mad for studs. My sister pointed out at some point I could probably just stud things up myself rather than pay a premium for prestudded clothing; I’ve self-studded a couple things already, including a $10 pair of jeans from Taipei, a Blake jacket, and a couple tank […]

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trendy trendy

Trends. This is basically a fashion buzz-word. Pink is the new black, black is the new white, jodhpurs are in in in, you get the idea. I get a lot of fashion magazines in the mail and enjoyably follow a lot of fashion blogs but I have to say that I’m not really much of […]

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too tired for this nonsense

hairclips & necklace: f21 tshirt: club monaco miniskirt: american apparel tights: uniqlo boots: jeffrey campbell jacket: DIY chain nonsense just a friday night meet the friends at the pub for a brew (pub in question being korean, brew being various flavoured sojus) thrown together kind of thing after an exhausting week. i can’t tell you […]

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meteor showers

There’s a meteor shower going on right now. I am mathematically convinced it’s contributed to what has been a high state of crazy as far as my moods have been. When in doubt, blame anger problems on SPACE. Maybe these delicious new Frye boots knew all of this was coming. First spied this in Anthropologie’s […]

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maybe i’m dreaming

It’s turning out to be one of those work weeks, the ones where you get off work at 9 pm and there are still people at the office making you feel like a total slacker to be leaving as early as 9 pm and all you want to do is get in your car and […]

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shine a little light on me

How many silly faces can I make at the camera? Top | F21 Skirt | Luxluxlux Jacket | Blake + DIY studding Shoes¬† | Oasis cut-out boots Necklace | F21 Bracelets |¬† Zipper bangles (one of the zipper pulls fell off during a party…) Bag | Vintage Yet another weekend of fun: flurried happy cooking, […]

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