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spangle call lilli line

大好きな下北沢から素晴らしいバンドSpangle call Lilli line を見つけ出すv (ちょっちょっと変なバンド名だけど(汗)) シンガーはイラストレーター。ギタリストはフォトグラファー。他のギタリストはグラフィックデザイナー。面白いね!!!日本に住んでる時、このバンド知らなかった。残念ですね。このような美しい音楽を聞いているのはとても面白いし、リラックスする。ライブに行ければ幸せ者だな・・・ I’ve fallen pretty hard for this amazing little band, Spangle call Lilli line. Hailing from Shimokitazawa, one of my very favourite corners of Tokyo, this indie rock band is a blend of lush ambient downtempo rock, electronica, hauntingly surreal lyrics, and beautifully delicate, layered vocals. The band is made […]

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This label first peaked my attention because I have a friend named Phi and it’s a somewhat unusual name.  Founded in 2003 by Susan Dell (wife of, yes, that dude that started Dell Computers!) and with Norwegian designer Andreas Melbostad heading up designs, Phi is all about revamped 80s silhouettes and somewhat masculine tayloring. I’ve been […]

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